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We present an efficient video segmentation and tracking strategy based on edge information to assist object-based video coding, motion estimation, and motion compensation for MPEG-4 and MPEG-7. The proposed algorithm utilizes the human visual perception to provide edge information. Three parameters are introduced and described based on edge information from(More)
An efficient algorithm for image segmentation based on a multi-resolution application of a wavelets transform and feature distribution is presented. The original feature space is transformed into a lower resolution with a wavelets transform to derive fast computation of the optimum threshold value in a feature space. Based on this lower resolution version(More)
A new adaptive thresholding algorithm concerning extraction of targets from the background in a given image sequence is proposed. The conventional histogram-based or fixed-value thresholdings are deficient in detecting targets due to the poor contrast between targets and the background , or to the change of illumination. This research solves the problems(More)
— In MIMO wireless communications, spatial multi-plexing can be employed to achieve a high data rate. However, its performance can be degraded by spatial correlation between the transmit antennae. Hence, a simple closed-form linear precoder is proposed to improve performance when two transmit antennae are exploited at the transmitter. The proposed precoder(More)
— The conventional pilot-aided orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems use the fixed number of pilots to estimate the channel. In this paper, we propose a new channel estimation scheme that exploits reliable decision-feedback symbols in the OFDM systems. The reliable symbols having low symbol error rate can be used to refine the channel(More)
A critical issue in applications involving networks of wireless sensors is their ability to synchronize, and mitigate the fading propagation channel effects. Especially when distributed “slave” sensors (nodes) reach-back to communicate with the “master” sensor (gateway), low power cooperative schemes are well motivated. Viewing(More)