Dong-Jin Kirn

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We describe a new staple-on dressing technique for skin-graft stabilization, using gas-sterilized polyurethane foam as bolster material. The method has all the attributes of a satisfactory skin-graft dressing: compression to prevent hematoma and seroma, resistance to shear forces, splinting properties, and protection from the outside environment. Although(More)
Elderly burn patients have significantly higher mortality rates than younger patients with similar burns over the total body surface area. Two theories exist regarding treatment of burns in the elderly: a traditional approach to limit physiologic stress by avoidance of operative intervention in the early post-burn stage and eschar excision and wound closure(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the physical response of skin to laser resurfacing in a real-time, quantitative fashion. The study was designed to assess skin contraction from two opposite standpoints. First, change in tension was measured during laser application while samples were held at constant length. Second, change in length of a sample under(More)
Postoperative ptosis of the soft tissues of the face after subperiosteal exposure of midfacial fractures may result in loss of zygomatic projection due to malposition of the soft-tissue envelope with respect to the underlying skeleton. Resuspension of the soft tissues of the face to their preinjury position has previously been suggested to alleviate this(More)
Simultaneous primary tumors (tumors found at the same time or within 1 month of each other) are not uncommon in head and neck cancer. Most frequently, one lesion is small relative to the other; however, this is not always the case When two anatomically separate simultaneous primary tumors are large, a challenge for the reconstructive surgeon exists. The(More)
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