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Recently, the threat of Android malware is spreading rapidly, especially those repackaged Android malware. Although understanding Android malware using dynamic analysis can provide a comprehensive view, it is still subjected to high cost in environment deployment and manual efforts in investigation. In this study, we propose a static feature-based mechanism(More)
The rapid growth of smartphones has lead to a renaissance for mobile application services. Android and iOS now as the most popular smartphone platforms offer a public marketplace respectively, the Android Market and App Store- but operate with dramatically different approaches to prevent malware on their devices. In Android platform, developer not only can(More)
For studying impacts of lake lining on soil moisture and groundwater recharge intensity, the scenarios analysis method was adopted, with bydrogeological concept modeling and 1D- and 2D-flow modeling for variably saturated porous media, to simulate and predict the variations of soil water content and groundwater recharge intensity before and after lake(More)
To investigate the mechanisms of tritium persistence in clay minerals, three types of clay soils (montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite) and tritiated water were used in this study to conduct the tritium sorption tests and the other related tests. Firstly, the ingredients, metal elements and heat properties of clay minerals were studied with some(More)
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