Dong Jiankang

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Ant colony algorithm is an efficient intelligent algorithm to solve NP hard problem. This paper presents a parallel computing solution based on General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) to solve Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) with Max-Min Ant System (MMAS). The experimental result shows it is more efficient than pure CPU computing.
For the aviation industry, reliability is bound up with personal safety and economic efficiency. Aircraft reliability data is an important indicator of measuring its running quality. Based on the research of the fault phenomenon and causes and the distribution of component fault, put forward the concept of "directional fault subject" and" fault subject with(More)
It is important for mobile robot to match features from scenes under wide baseline views. Wide baseline matching is one of the difficult problems in feature matching because large variation between the image appearances occurs due to illumination and viewpoints, especially on non-planar and less-textured scenes. In this paper we propose a method of feature(More)
The structure of VHF (very high frequency) air-ground datalink and communication protocols are introduced, and the framework of VHF air-ground datalink communication protocols is analyzed. Relationship between ARINC specifications is analyzed comprehensively and the message format conversion between protocols is given. The model of data communication and(More)
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