Dong Jei Kim

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Multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory autoimmune demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system, is the most common cause of acquired neurological dysfunction arising in the second to fourth decades of life. A genetic component to MS is indicated by an increased relative risk of 20-40 to siblings compared to the general population (lambda s), and(More)
BACKGROUND The morbidity and mortality of Legionnaires' disease are not established in Korea, because patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) have rarely been investigated for Legionella. An assay for Legionella antigen in urine has been approved as one of the diagnostic criteria of Legionnaires' disease. Binax Now(TM) Legionella Urinary Antigen(More)
Children exposed to neighborhood violence have higher rates of aggression, but it is unclear whether aggression is associated with threat, harm or the combination of factors. All animals, including humans, experience threat as they leave the safety of home and risk harm to gather resources (foraging). To better understand how selective environmental(More)
To understand the behavioral consequences of intermittent anticipatory stress resulting from threats without accompanying physiological challenges, we developed a semi-naturalistic rodent housing and foraging environment that can include threats that are unpredictable in timing. Behavior is automatically recorded while rats forage for food or water. Over(More)
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