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We consider the schedulability of a set of independent periodic tasks under fixed priority preemptive scheduling on homogeneous multiprocessor systems. Assuming there is no task migration between processors and each processor schedules tasks preemptively according to fixed priorities assigned by the Rate Monotonic policy, the scheduling problem reduces to(More)
With a large volume of materials today's libraries carry, locating the exact position of materials is time-consuming. This is not true just for poorly managed libraries, but also for well maintained libraries. In the former case, the problem is rather serious. Even though a material is somewhere in the library, if we cannot locate the material, the(More)
GNARL is the tasking runtime system of the Gnu NYU Ada95 Translator (GNAT). GNARL is divided into two main layers, the lower of which isolates dependences on a particular host operating system or real-time kernel. For portability, the primary implementation of this lower level accesses OS services via the POSIX interfaces. In this paper we describe our(More)