Dong Hyuk Lee

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BACKGROUND Middle-ear anatomy is integrally linked to both its normal function and its response to disease processes. Micro-CT imaging provides an opportunity to capture high-resolution anatomical data in a relatively quick and non-destructive manner. However, to optimally extract functionally relevant details, an intuitive means of reconstructing and(More)
A 1.8 V, 512 Mb two-channel synchronous mobile DDR SDRAM (OneDRAMtrade) with 333 Mbps/pin was designed, with 90 nm technology. The device can operate as 2 separate mobile DDR SDRAMs through each channel because of its exclusive accessibility from each channel to dedicated memory arrays. A new control scheme is proposed to exchange data between two channels(More)
The Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) started a project to innovate the hospital information facilities. This project includes installation of high speed hospital network, development of new HIS, OCS (order communication system), RIS and PACS. This project aims at the implementation of the first total hospital information system by seamlessly(More)
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