Dong-Hyuck Im

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SUMMARY Commercial markets employ digital right management (DRM) systems to protect valuable high-definition (HD) quality videos. DRM system uses watermarking to provide copyright protection and ownership authentication of multimedia contents. We propose a real-time video watermarking scheme for HD video in the uncompressed domain. Especially , our approach(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Everyday, we encounter high-quality multimedia contents from HDTV broadcasting, DVD, and high-speed Internet services. These contents are, unhappily, processed and distributed without protection. This paper proposes a practical video watermarking technique on the compressed domain that is real-time and robust against(More)
Digital watermarking for video helps protect the copyright of the video content. In most watermark applications, an embedding procedure should be built at low costs and the embedded watermarks should have robustness against various unintentional or malicious attacks. This paper addresses implementation issues for real-time watermark embedding scheme of High(More)
In this paper, we propose a practical real-time video water-marking scheme for downscaling attack. We embed watermark into an arbitrary size of a host video and extract it from the watermarked video under a preset false error rate. Both watermark embedding and extraction are done in the uncompressed domain. Also, blind detector is used (i.e., no original(More)
Color laser printers are nowadays abused to print or forge official documents and bills. Identifying color laser printers will be a step for media forensics. This paper presents a new method to identify color laser printers with printed color images. First, 39 noise features of color printed images are extracted from the statistical analysis of the HH(More)
This paper addresses implementation issues for real-time watermark embedding scheme of High Definition(HD) resolution videos on personal computers. In most watermark applications, an embedding procedure should be built at low costs and at the same time the embedded watermarks should have robustness against signal and image processing as well as malicious(More)
— This paper presents a robust watermarking method for curves that uses informed-detection. To embed watermarks, the presented algorithm parameterizes a curve using the B-spline model and acquires the control points of the B-spline model. For these control points, 2D mesh are created by applying Delaunay triangulation and then the mesh spectral analysis is(More)
Estimating printing source is applicable in many forensic situations. In this paper, we propose an electrophotographic printer identification scheme from its printed material, in which imperceptible halftone patterns are contained inherently. The halftone textures in each channel of CMYK domain are analyzed. We construct a histogram from angle values of(More)
Menu Latest Issue Archive Link Please login using the form on menu list. Summary: Imperfect transmission of satellite imagery results in the loss of image lines. This paper proposes a novel error concealment technique using LSB-based watermarking. We generate block description information and insert it into the LSB bit plane of the image. Missing lines(More)
—A blind watermarking algorithm for vector graphic images is presented. The algorithm is resilient to both global and local geometrical distortions. The polygonal line is represented by the wavelet descriptor. An additive watermarking scheme is used to embed the watermark by slightly modifying the wavelet descriptor, and that causes invisible distortions to(More)
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