Dong Hwi Park

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The pharyngeal phase of swallowing is a complex event consisted with subsequent muscular contractions and pressure gen-eration to move a bolus from the mouth to the esophagus. Recently, high-resolution impedance manometry (HRIM) was devel-oped and used for the evaluation of pharyngeal dysphagia. Although HRIM provides precise pharyngeal pressure(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the additive effect of sono-guided subacromial bursa injection of hyaluronate with steroid in patients with peri-articular shoulder disorders. METHOD This prospective randomized controlled trial involved 26 patients who had shoulder pain. Group A, consisting of 13 patients, was treated with a sono-guided subacromial bursa(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the additive effects of hyaluronidase combined with steroids in patients with peri-articular shoulder disorder. METHOD Thirty patients with peri-articular shoulder disorder were given subacromial bursa injections once a week for three consecutive weeks. Fifteen patients (Group A) underwent subacromial bursa injections with(More)
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