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INTRODUCTION The orientation of acetabular component is influenced by pelvic tilt, body position and individual variation in pelvic parameters. Most post-operative adverse events may be attributed to malposition of the component in the functional position. There is evidence that orientation of the pelvis changes from the supine to standing position. Authors(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was aimed to demonstrate the usefulness of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of meralgia paresthetica (MP). METHODS Clinical data, sensory nerve conduction study and sonographic findings of 23 patients with unilateral MP were analyzed retrospectively. Twelve healthy subjects were recruited for the optimal cut-off value for the(More)
Titanium (Ti) has been widely used in the dental field owing to its good biocompatibility, superior mechanical properties, and excellent corrosion resistance. However, Ti lacks the osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity required to promote mineralization. In the present study, the authors investigated whether apatite-coated Ti and rhBMP-2 treated(More)
BACKGROUND There has been controversy whether methylmethacrylate precoating of the cemented femoral stem is a solution for aseptic loosening or rather contributes to increased failure rates in cemented total hip arthroplasties. METHODS On a retrospective basis, we analyzed 76 primary hybrid total hip arthroplasties from 63 patients with precoated,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of functionalized titanium (Ti) with alendronate (Aln) and bone morphogenic protein-2 (BMP-2) for enhancement of osteoblast activity in vitro. Aln and/or BMP-2 were sequentially immobilized to the heparinized-Ti (Hep-Ti) surface. The compositions of pristine Ti and Hep-Ti with or without Aln and/or BMP-2(More)
Complete dorsal dislocation of the carpal scaphoid combined with dorsal perilunate dislocation is an extremely rare carpal injury. We describe the case of a 23-year-old man who presented with a complete dorsal dislocation of the carpal scaphoid, combined with a perilunate dislocation. Surgical treatment was performed with open reduction and interosseus(More)
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