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Phonon-carrier interactions can have significant impact on device performance. They can be probed by measuring the phonon lifetime, which reflects the interaction strength of a phonon with other quasi-particles, in particular charge carriers as well as its companion phonons. The carrier phonon and phonon-phonon contributions to the phonon lifetime can be(More)
We investigate the role of electron-hole correlations in the absorption of free-standing monolayer and bilayer graphene using optical transmission spectroscopy from 1.5 to 5.5 eV. Line shape analysis demonstrates that the ultraviolet region is dominated by an asymmetric Fano resonance. We attribute this to an excitonic resonance that forms near the van Hove(More)
We report on interlayer and lateral electronic transport measurements in two stacked graphene monolayers which have separate electrical contacts. The current-voltage characteristic across the two layers shows linear Ohmic behavior at zero magnetic field. At high magnetic fields, sequences of quantum Hall plateaus of the overlap region with filling factors(More)
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