Dong Hua Zhou

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Java's platform independence presents an opportunity for using function shipping to optimize communications in distributed applications. This paper introduces the concept of 'eager handlers', where handlers are functions that are tightly linked with certain communications performed by Java programs. Their 'eagerness' refers to fine-grained, transparent, and(More)
The objective of this study was to assess students' knowledge, attitudes and practices on HIV and AIDS. A questionnaire was administered to a cross section of 259 Chinese undergraduates. Respondents were asked to provide information about knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS. Study results indicated that the majority of undergraduates had a moderate level(More)
Traditionally, multi-view stereo (MVS) based 3D reconstruction needs a lot of manual interactions, such as camera calibration, silhouette extraction, texture synthesis, etc. To overcome this disadvantage, we present an automatic 3D reconstruction method based on image sequence. First, we design a new checkerboard with included angle 120°. The camera(More)
Projection methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) are ecient, but introduce numerical boundary layers and have limited temporal accuracy due to their fractional step nature. The Pressure Poisson Equation (PPE) reformulations represent a class of methods that replace the incom-pressibility constraint by a Poisson equation for the(More)
Foundation pit engineering is composed of some inter-related and relatively independent sub-engineering which makes it possible to introduce the distributed parallel optimal method into foundation pit engineering design. Based on the genetic algorithm with intrinsic parallelism, a distributed three-level co-evolution model and its corresponding algorithm,(More)