Dong-Hai Qian

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Kinematically redundant robots have some advantages when compared with classic ones because they have the redundant degrees of freedom to optimize the performance of the robot system. Base on gradient projection method, the problems of redundant robot force control are studied in this paper. A co-simulation platform using ADAMS and Matlab is built for(More)
A Trajectory planning method for a mobile manipulator is proposed in this paper. The mobile manipulator studied here consists of a mobile platform and a redundant manipulator. Since the system has the redundant degree of freedom to perform some tasks, it will have infinite configurations to make the end-effector track the desired trajectory. The concept of(More)
A variable stiffness actuator is proposed according to the human ergonomic joint actuation mechanism and applied to an elbow rehabilitation robot. The robot employs an antagonistic compliant driving actuation to ensure rehabilitation training effectiveness and the patient's safety even under the condition of spasm. The robot joint stiffness and position can(More)
Flexible driving is essential in enhancing security during human-robot interactions and improving the adaptability of robots to complex environments. Based on these principles, we developed a variable stiffness actuator with automatic rigidity/ compliance switching. The actuator contains two motors-one for position control and the other for adjusting the(More)
Flexible driving with variable stiffness is very significant in improving the safety of robot. This paper makes simulation analysis and experimental verification for variable stiffness actuator. The closed-loop servo control system based on Trio motion controller on the basis of analyzing the structure and motion of variable stiffness actuator with(More)
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