Dong Hai Hao

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OBJECTIVE To observe the clinical effects of 10%, 30% lactate clearance rate and early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) as 6-hour resuscitation goals directing treatment in septic shock patients with severe pneumonia. METHODS In this randomized, perspective study, septic shock patients with severe pneumonia were divided into control group and experimental(More)
Acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ALI/ARDS) are associated with high morbidity and mortality in patients, however, the precise pathogenesis of ALI/ARDS remains unknown. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) exhibits a number of critical functions and may be associated with the DNA methylation of genes in the lungs. In the present study a(More)
The present study aimed to investigate whether low-dose heparin improves the condition of patients suffering from early disseminated intravascular coagulation (pre-DIC) during sepsis. In total, 37 patients were randomly divided into low-dose heparin intervention and control groups. The heparin group received a low-dose of heparin for 5-7 days, while the(More)
With rapid economic development in China, water crisis is becoming serious and may impede future sustainable development. The uneven distribution of water resources further aggravates such a problem. Under such a circumstance, the concepts of water footprint and virtual water have been proposed in order to respond water scarcity problems. This paper focuses(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of BiPAP ventilation combined with lung recruitment maneuvers (LRM) with low tidal volume A/C ventilation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). METHODS A prospective, randomized comparison of BiPAP mechanical ventilation combined with lung recruitment maneuvers (test group) with low tidal volume A/C(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the pulmonary inflammatory reaction induced by N-protein of SARS-CoV in rat models and the effects of glucocorticoids on the inflammatory reaction. METHODS The pulmonary inflammatory reaction in rat models were induced by intratracheal instillation of N-protein of SARS-CoV with a dose of 0.2 mg/kg. The rats were randomly divided into(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the application of lactic acid in early diagnosis and goal-directed therapy of septic shock, and to provide reference for the early clinical diagnosis and treatment of septic shock. METHODS A prospective observational study was conducted, in which patients satisfied with the criteria of septic shock diagnosis were enrolled. The(More)
Taxonomical analysis of two genetically distinguished Lactobacillus strains isolated from traditional Chinese fermented vegetables 'Suan cai' was performed. They formed L-lactate from glucose, were facultatively heterofermentative, and had a DNA G+C content of 53-54mol%. They fermented D- and L-arabinose. They produced lactate, ethanol and acetate from(More)
PURPOSE High mortality in the intensive care unit (ICU) is probably associated with sepsis-induced acute kidney injury (AKI). The aim of this study is to explore which stage of AKI may be the optimal timing for continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT). METHODS A retrospective analysis of 160 critically ill patients with septic AKI, treated with or(More)
During the course of studies directed towards the discovery of novel aldose reductase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic complications, we synthesized a series of new (Z)-3-phenyl-2-benzoylpropenoic acid derivatives and tested their in vitro inhibitory activities on rat lens aldose reductase. Of these compounds,(More)