Dong-Geun Lee

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The mammalian cerebral cortex is composed of individual layers characterized by the cell types they contain and their afferent and efferent connections. The current study examined the raw, and size-normalized, laminar thicknesses in three cortical regions (somatosensory, motor, and premotor) of fourteen species from three orders of mammals: primates,(More)
PURPOSE The use of drug-eluting stent (DES) to treat intracranial stenosis has shown short-term success. However, there are no reports regarding the long-term results of DES. We present the long-term clinical outcome after DES stenting for symptomatic severe intracranial stenosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our study included a consecutive series of 11(More)
Successful rhinoplasty depends on nasal tip support and its influence on nasal tip projection. It is generally agreed that the components of nasal tip support include the attachment between the upper and lower lateral cartilages, the attachment between the lateral crus of the lower lateral cartilage and the pyriform aperture, the attachment between the(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated whether pial venous reflux (PVR) is associated with hemorrhage or edema in dural arteriovenous fistula (DAVF). METHODS We evaluated the association of hemorrhage or edema with the occurrence of PVR or cortical venous reflux (CVR) in 222 patients with DAVF. We determined whether angiographic findings of PVR or CVR (more than(More)
INTRODUCTION The aetiology of dural arteriovenous fistula (DAVF) is not well known, but it has been suggested that abnormality in angiogenesis plays a pathological role. Abnormality in angiogenesis is also involved in diabetes mellitus (DM). The purpose of this study was to quantify the relation between DAVF and DM in a Korean population. METHODS Medical(More)
Flavonoids are known to be effective scavengers of free radicals. In particular, proanthocyanidins are flavonoids that possess cardiovascular protection, antioxidative activities, and immunomodulatory activities. Here, we evaluated proanthocyanidin contents in the total polyphenolic compounds of pine needle extracts prepared by hot water, ethanol, hexane,(More)
Steroid hormones, especially glucocorticoids, exert physiologic effects on dopaminergic neurotransmission and have been implicated in several dopamine-mediated neuropsychiatric conditions. D(2) dopamine receptor gene expression is regulated by the zinc finger-type nuclear protein GDNF-inducible transcription factor (GIF). In this study, we sought to(More)
Neurointervention which deals with neurovascular disease in brain, head-and-neck and spines are one of the rapidly evolving medical fields. Several indices representing neurointerventional activities are still increasing year-by-year in Korea. We review current trend in major neurovascular diseases requiring usage of specific medical devices and some issues(More)
Here we report a patient who suffered an acute infarction of the contralateral postcentral cerebral cortex and subsequently developed unilateral partial epilepsy with negative myoclonus. The findings of brain magnetic resonance imaging, polygraphic recordings of the postcentral somatosensory area, and response to anticonvulsant treatment support the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to determine the clinical effects of anterior radical debridement on a series of patients with spontaneous spinal infection. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the clinical characteristics of 32 patients who underwent surgical treatment from January 2000 to December 2005 in our department. The average follow-up(More)