Dong Geun Choi

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This paper addresses the profiling of research papers on ‘standardization and innovation’—exploring major topics and arguments in this field. Drawing on 528 papers retrieved from the database, Web of Science, we employed trend, factor, and clustering analyses to demonstrate that the standardization and innovation research has continuously grown from(More)
All members of R. glutinosa show the unique characteristic of intrinsic tolerance to paraquat (PQ). Antioxidant enzymes have been proposed to be the primary mechanism of PQ resistance in several plant species. Therefore, the antioxidant enzyme systems of R. glutinosa were evaluated by comparatively analyzing cellular antioxidant enzyme levels, and their(More)
Physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of Korean native cactus (Opuntia humifusa) cladodes (KCC) were investigated to evaluate the possibility for its application in new health functional foods. The KCC showed a high amount of crude ash (201.2 g·kg−1 DW), characterizing Ca (1,967.8 mg·100 g−1 DW), Mg (1,411.2 mg·100 g−1 DW), K (1,269.6 mg·100(More)
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