Dong Fang

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Pediatric brainstem gliomas often harbor oncogenic K27M mutation of histone H3.3. Here we show that GSKJ4 pharmacologic inhibition of K27 demethylase JMJD3 increases cellular H3K27 methylation in K27M tumor cells and demonstrate potent antitumor activity both in vitro against K27M cells and in vivo against K27M xenografts. Our results demonstrate that(More)
We consider linear network coding functions that can be employed at the relays in wireless physical layer network coding, applied to a general multi-hop network topology. We introduce a general model of such a network, and discuss the algebraic basis of linear functions, deriving conditions for unambiguous decodability of the source data at the destination.(More)
AlkB is the title enzyme of a family of DNA dealkylases that catalyze the direct oxidative dealkylation of nucleobases. The conventional mechanism for the dealkylation of N(1)-methyl adenine (1-meA) catalyzed by AlkB after the formation of Fe(IV)-oxo is comprised by a reorientation of the oxo moiety, hydrogen abstraction, OH rebound from the Fe atom to the(More)
More than 90% of chondroblastomas contain a heterozygous mutation replacing lysine-36 with methionine-36 (K36M) in the histone H3 variant H3.3. Here we show that H3K36 methylation is reduced globally in human chondroblastomas and in chondrocytes harboring the same genetic mutation, due to inhibition of at least two H3K36 methyltransferases, MMSET and SETD2,(More)