Dong-Eon Chang

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Falling snow is an important component of global precipitation in extratropical regions. This paper describes the methodology and results of physically based retrievals of snow falling over land surfaces. Because microwave brightness temperatures emitted by snow-covered surfaces are highly variable, precipitating snow above such surfaces is difficult to(More)
A physically based retrieval algorithm was developed to estimate snowfall over land. The retrieval algorithm relies on the MM5 model that generates the vertical structure of a snow cloud, including snow mass, snow particle effective diameter, and water vapor. The MM5 cloud simulation was used to provide statistics for generating the cloud characteristics.(More)
Although numerical weather predictions have been improved dramatically, quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) remains as one of the most difficult fields to predict accurately. Forecast errors arise from the uncertainties in both the initial conditions and model formulations. To compensate those uncertainties there have been many efforts toward ensemble(More)
Snowfall is an important component of the Earth's precipitation and hydrological cycle. Remote measurements of frozen hydrometeor properties have been limited because coincident measurements of microphysical and electromagnetic properties of snowfall have not been available. Snowfall measurement from space has been suggested as a solution to overcome this(More)
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