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The pseudo random property of chaotic sequences is very useful in the field of information security, based on the idea of orbit hopping, a chaotic image encryption algorithm with a key mixing proportion factor is proposed. In the proposed algorithm the position scrambling matrix and the value scrambling matrix are generated by the improved chaotic logistic(More)
Optimization of induction motor efficiency was social and economic significance. In this paper, the problems of traditional efficiency optimization methods were discussed first, the main problem of these methods was that efficiency optimization could not realize for the appropriate flux couldn't be gotten under complex work conditions, that induction motor(More)
Power electronic devices, power semiconductor devices and control circuits most were vulnerable to failure. In this paper, took the inverter as example, discussed its fault type, and designed a new fault detection algorithm based on singular value decomposition (SVD) nonlinear filtering. Simulation result shown that this algorithm could detect fault(More)
All kinds of interferences have enormous negative impacts on accomplishing the control of underwater vehicle, especially for small one, the influences of turbulences are more fiercely and complicate. This paper proposed a generalized predictive control algorithm that can track position along the X-Y planes by controlling the propulsion vector, which can be(More)
Networked control system has many different characteristics compared with the traditional control system, so it is necessary to do some researches on strategies of networked control systems. In order to research in this area, establishing NCS simulation research platform is extremely important. A design scheme of NCS flexible researching platform is(More)
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