Dong-Dong Yan

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This study evaluated toxic efficacy of Eupatorium adenophorum extracts, against the Kunming mice. In acute study, we firstly tested median lethal dose (LD50) in mice of three cadinene sesquiterpenes 2-deoxo-2-(acetyloxy)-9-oxoageraphorone (DAOA), 9-oxo-agerophorone (OA) and 9-oxo-10,11-dehydro-agerophorone (ODA) from Eupatorium adenophorum (Ea). DAOA(More)
BACKGROUND The combination of 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) and dazomet (DZ) offers a potential alternative to methyl bromide (MB) for soil disinfection. MB is scheduled to be withdrawn from routine use by 2015 in developing countries. Combination treatments of 1,3-D + DZ were evaluated in a laboratory study and in two commercial cucumber fields. RESULTS(More)
Base on the different niche characteristics of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), acidogenic bacteria (AB) and methane-producing bacteria (MPB), this experiment used two-stage anaerobic treatment and circular gas stripping. Sucrose and ethanol were used as organic substrate (COD = 6 000 mg x L(-1). The effect of ethanol concentration on sulfate reduction, COD(More)
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