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Aromatase inhibitors (AI) are being evaluated as long-term adjuvant therapies and chemopreventives in breast cancer. However, there are concerns about bone mineral density loss in an estrogen-free environment. Unlike nonsteroidal AIs, the steroidal AI exemestane may exert beneficial effects on bone through its primary metabolite 17-hydroexemestane. We(More)
Numerous studies have shown that neurological changes are important findings of tinnitus patients. Previous studies on tinnitus have indicated that patients with pulsatile tinnitus (PT) often show altered baseline brain activity in the resting state. This study used resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) to investigate changes in(More)
Numerous investigations studying the brain functional activity of the tinnitus patients have indicated that neurological changes are important findings of this kind of disease. However, the pulsatile tinnitus (PT) patients were excluded in previous studies because of the totally different mechanisms of the two subtype tinnitus. The aim of this study is to(More)
  • ShuZhen Liu, LiGang Jiang, XiaoQian Meng, XiaoYing Han, Dong Cheng, TianLiang Zhang +1 other
  • 2014
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are stable, lipophilic compounds that accumulate in the environment and in the food chain. Though some studies provided evidence that PCBs had adverse effects on reproductive function, most of these results were from in vitro models. Therefore we investigated the effect of Aroclor 1254 (a commercial PCBs mixture) treatments(More)
The potent positive inotropic effect, together with the relatively low safety risk of liguzinediol (LZDO), relative to currently available inotropic drugs, has prompted us to intensively research and develop LZDO as a potent positive inotropic agent. In this study, to obtain LZDO alternatives for oral chronic administration, a series of long-chain fatty(More)
In the title N-tosyl-acryl-amide compounds, C20H17NO4S, (I), and C23H21NO3S, (II), the conformation about the C=C bond is E. The acryl-amide groups, [-NH-C(=O)-C=C-], are almost planar, with the N-C-C=C torsion angle being -170.18 (14)° in (I) and -168.01 (17)° in (II). In (I), the furan, phenyl and 4-methyl-benzene rings are inclined to the acryl-amide(More)
Quaternion-valued signals along with quaternion Fourier transforms (QFT) provide an effective framework for vector-valued signal and image processing. However, the sampling theory of quaternion valued signals has not been well developed. In this paper, we present the generalized sampling expansions associated with QFT by using the generalized translation(More)