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System control for dc microgrids with variable generations and energy storage is proposed in this paper. An autonomous three-level control strategy is proposed for dc microgrids with selective slack terminal(s) assigned to each operation level. The system operational status is acknowledged via the common dc voltage and the transitions between different(More)
Simple secood-order recurrent netwoIts are shown to readily learn sman brown regular grammars when trained with positive and negative strings examples. We show that similar methods are appropriate for learning unknown grammars from examples of their strings. TIle training algorithm is an incremental real-time, recurrent learning (RTRL) method that computes(More)
It is often difficult to predict the optimal neural network size for a particular application. Constructive or destructive methods that add or subtract neurons, layers, connections, etc. might offer a solution to this problem. We prove that one method, recurrent cascade correlation, due to its topology, has fundamental limitations in representation and thus(More)
Control and operation of a dc microgrid, which can be operated at grid connected or island modes, are investigated in this paper. The dc microgrid consists of a wind turbine, a battery energy storage system, dc loads, and a grid-connected converter system. When the system is grid connected, active power is balanced through the grid supply during normal(More)
Autonomous DC voltage control for a DC microgrid with multiple power and slack terminals is studied in this paper. Slack terminals respond to the generation variation and load step within a DC microgrid to maintain the DC voltage. The slack terminals considered here are grid connected VSC and energy storage systems. A voltage droop based power sharing and(More)
An equivalent optimized sub-pipelined architecture is proposed to implement the AES, every round including encryption and decryption needs one clock cycle. The SubBytes/InvSubBytes operation using composite field arithmetic in GF(2<sup>4</sup>) and BlockRAMs respectively. In addition, an efficient key expansion which supports the output of 128 bits key per(More)
This paper investigates dc voltage control strategies for output power smoothing of a fully rated converter-based wind turbine with energy storage device connected to the common dc link via a bidirectional dc/dc converter. Since the dc link voltage ripple reflects power oscillation, coordinated dc voltage control schemes are used for the ac network side(More)