Donato del Camino

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In voltage-gated K(+) channels (Kv), an intracellular gate regulates access from the cytoplasm to the pore by organic channel blockers and by chemical modifiers. But is ion flow itself controlled instead by constriction of the narrow selectivity filter near the extracellular surface? We find that the intracellular gate of Kv channels is capable of(More)
Hyperpolarization of patch-perforated GH3 rat anterior pituitary cells in high-K+ Ca2+-free medium reveals an inwardly rectifying K+ current. This current showed potential-dependent activation and inactivation kinetics, complete inactivation during strong hyperpolarization and rectification at depolarized potentials. The current was blocked by millimolar(More)
Exposure of GH3 rat anterior pituitary cells to cholera toxin for 2–4 h significantly increased the thyrotropin-releasing-hormone(TRH)-induced inhibition of the inwardly rectifying K+ current studied in patchperforated voltage-clamped cells. On the other hand, the current reduction became almost totally irreversible after washout of the neuropeptide.(More)
 Reduction of an inwardly rectifying K+ current by thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) and caffeine has been considered to be an important determinant of electrical activity increases in GH3 rat anterior pituitary cells. However, the existence of an inwardly rectifying K+ current component was recently regarded as a misidentification of an M-like outward(More)
Treatment of rat anterior pituitary GH3 cells with caffeine causes a reversible enhancement of electrical activity superimposed over a depolarization of the plasma membrane potential. Similar results are obtained with theophylline, but not with isobutylmethylxanthine or forskolin. The effects of caffeine are not related to Ca2+ liberation from intracellular(More)
Donato del Camino,1 Sarah Murphy,1 Melissa Heiry,1 Lee B. Barrett,4 Taryn J. Earley,3 Colby A. Cook,1 Matt J. Petrus,2 Michael Zhao,1 Marc D’Amours,1 Nate Deering,1 Gary J. Brenner,5 Michael Costigan,4 Neil J. Hayward,1 Jayhong A. Chong,1 Christopher M. Fanger,1 Clifford J. Woolf,4 Ardem Patapoutian,2,3 and Magdalene M. Moran1 1Hydra Biosciences, Inc.,(More)
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