Donato M. Ceres

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Detection of mutations and damaged DNA bases is important for the early diagnosis of genetic disease. Here we describe an electrocatalytic method for the detection of single-base mismatches as well as DNA base lesions in fully hybridized duplexes, based on charge transport through DNA films. Gold electrodes modified with preassembled DNA duplexes are used(More)
Ionic permselectivity of DNA films has been investigated by the analysis of the electrochemical response of methylene blue (MB) as a function of pH and ionic strength on DNA-modified electrodes in aqueous p-nitrophenol (p-NP) and phosphate buffers. We have observed a linear Pourbaix diagram in p-NP buffer indicating that the reduction of MB occurs with a(More)
In situ scanning tunneling microscopy has been performed on DNA-modified gold surfaces under physiological conditions. The STM images of DNA-modified gold surfaces are strongly dependent on the applied potential and percentage of DNA duplexes containing a single base mismatch. At negative surface potentials we observe reproducible features that are(More)
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