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This work presents an open distributed platform for traffic generation that we called distributed Internet traffic generator (D-ITG), capable of producing traffic (network transport and application layer) and of accurately replicating appropriate stochastic processes for both IDT (inter departure time) and PS (packet size) random variables. We implemented(More)
Accurate measurement and modeling of IP networks is essential for network design, planning, and management. Efforts are being made to detect the state of the network from end-to-end measurements using different techniques and paradigms. In this paper we present a novel concept to use in the modeling of real network scenarios under measurement and analysis.(More)
Network researchers have dedicated a notable part of their efforts to the area of modeling traffic and to the implementation of efficient traffic generators. We feel that there is a strong demand for traffic generators capable to reproduce realistic traffic patterns according to theoretical models and at the same time with high performance. This work(More)
Designing new network protocols for the Internet relies on the use of network simulation tools for validation. When simulation is aimed at testing the scalability of new protocols, working with large-scale realistic topologies is of paramount importance. In this paper we present an extension of the NAM Editor, a graphical editor to be used in conjunction(More)
Simulation of large scale network scenarios is a challenging task and requires a great amount of computational power. Hence, realizing web-accessible simulation servers is a key step for the success of network simulation as a useful instrument in the context of network administration and capacity planning. This paper presents an XML-based description(More)
Stream control transmission protocol (SCTP) is gaining ever more attention. Several proposals, based on simulation results, aiming to replace TCP with SCTP are present. To the best of our knowledge there are no available tools supporting SCTP traffic generation. In this work, to study the performance of SCTP in real heterogeneous (wired/wireless) scenarios,(More)
Packet loss, delay and jitter degrade the quality of services like VoIP (Voice over IP) or Video Streaming over IP networks. In real networks, an experimental measure of these parameters is fundamental in the planning process of new services over novel network infrastructures. Furthermore, currently networks are complex heterogeneous systems (in terms of(More)