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We consider competition in patch-dynamical and more general diffusion-extinction models. These models identify three time scales in ecology. We begin with a reformulation of Levin's 1978 basic model, using a geometric description of diffusion. As in Levin's model, diffusion drives short-term dynamics, and longer-term dynamics depends upon a(More)
Context Hypericum perforatum L. (Hypericaceae), used in moderate depression treatment, is active in experimental tests for antidepressant activity. For H. connatum Lam., a South American species lacking hyperforin, antidepressant effects have not been demonstrated. Objective This study evaluates the antidepressant-like effect of H. connatum in rats and(More)
This study is aimed at assessing the essential oil composition, total phenolic content, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Thymus vulgaris collected in five different area of the Campania Region, Southern Italy. The chemical composition of the essential oils was studied by GC-flame ionization detector (FID) and GC/MS; the biological activities were(More)
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