Donatella Ghirardo

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INTRODUCTION Observational studies consistently support strategies for early cancer diagnosis and treatment. Owing to its high prevalence, mortality rate, and easily identifiable at-risk population groups, lung cancer seems ideal for early detection programs. We present the baseline results of the SOS study, a single-arm observational study of digital chest(More)
OBJECTIVE Baseline results of the Studio OSservazionale (SOS), observational study, a single-arm observational study of digital chest tomosynthesis for lung cancer detection in an at-risk population demonstrated a detection rate of lung cancer comparable to that of studies that used low dose CT scan (LDCT). We present the results of the first round. (More)
In the last few years, Computed Tomography (CT) has emerged as the most sensitive and reliable imaging technique to diagnose acute pancreatitis (AP). Besides assessing the extent of damage to the pancreas and to periglandular tissue. CT can recognize the major early and late complications of the disease promptly and with extreme accuracy. We investigated(More)
The management of invasive aspergillosis in patients with hematological malignancies remains controversial. A major problem is how to manage patients who had invasive aspergillosis during remission induction and consolidation therapy and then undergo SCT. Indeed in these patients the mortality rate related to invasive aspergillosis recurrence remains(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of radio-guided localization for thoracoscopic resection of small nonpalpable lung nodules. METHODS Nineteen patients with a solitary nodule were enrolled. Inclusion criteria were maximum nodule diameter <15 mm, distance from nearest pleural surface of 20-40 mm, nonsolid or partly solid nodule, and/or(More)
This study was performed to confirm the high sensitivity of CT during arterial portography (CTAP) versus US and dynamic CT in the diagnosis of liver metastases from colorectal cancer. Ninety patients with 108 colorectal cancers underwent US, dynamic CT and CTAP to investigate the presence of liver metastases. US depicted 39 metastases in 26 patients,(More)
INTRODUCTION VATS wedge resection can require conversion to thoracotomy when pulmonary lesions cannot be identified. Hybrid operating rooms (HORs) provide real-time image acquisition capabilities allowing the intraoperative placement of markers to facilitate the removal of non-palpable nodules during VATS. OBJECTIVES To present our workflow based on the(More)
To compare the lung nodules’ detection of digital tomosynthesis (DTS) and computed tomography (CT) in the context of the SOS (Studio OSservazionale) prospective screening program for lung cancer detection. One hundred and thirty-two of the 1843 subjects enrolled in the SOS study underwent CT because non-calcified nodules with diameters larger than 5 mm(More)
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