Donald Winchester

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Molecular chaperones influence the process of protein folding and, under conditions of stress, recognize non-native proteins to ensure that misfolded proteins neither appear nor accumulate. BAG-1, identified as an Hsp70 associated protein, was shown to have the unique properties of a negative regulator of Hsp70. Here, we demonstrate that BAG-1 inhibits the(More)
Organizations need to protect information assets against cyber crime, denial-of-service attacks, web hackers, data breaches, identity and credit card theft, and fraud. Criminals often try to achieve financial, political, or personal gain through these attacks, so the threats that their actions prompt are insidious motivators for organizations to adopt(More)
This paper addresses many important questions. Firstly, what are the main identity fraud perpetrator categories? Secondly, what are the current Information Systems (IS) facilitated attack channels and methods used by identity fraud perpetrators? Thirdly, what are the effects sustained by targeted victim organisations? The major contribution of this paper is(More)
Identity Crime is a serious problem in today " s society costing individuals, organisations and governments millions of dollars in prevention, control, detection and prosecution. This paper aims to provide an introduction to the problem of identity crime in cyberspace together with a discussion of Government strategies for managing this problem. Critical(More)
This paper addresses three main areas and develops a conceptual framework for identity fraud profiling. First, we identify the main contemporary profiling methods that are crime and/or business based. Second, accepting the current information systems (IS) facilitated attack channels and methods used by identity crime perpetrators (Jamieson & Stephens &(More)
The physical and digital security of a nation's critical infrastructure is necessary for its citizens, commerce and their public and private owners' to conduct successful business transactions. A complicating factor towards this security is the multi-jurisdictional nature of some critical infrastructure assets e.g., telecommunications or financial systems.(More)
We examine implicit equity transaction costs incurred on United States exchanges by domestic institutional investors compared to foreign domiciled money managers. The average equally weighted disadvantage of foreign investors for purchases (sales) is 3.6 (5.1) basis points on a daily interval, and 19.1 (20.5) basis points weekly. The disadvantage persists(More)