Donald Williams

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  • Ladeana W Hillier, Robert S Fulton, Lucinda A Fulton, Tina A Graves, Kymberlie H Pepin, Caryn Wagner-McPherson +101 others
  • 2003
Human chromosome 7 has historically received prominent attention in the human genetics community, primarily related to the search for the cystic fibrosis gene and the frequent cytogenetic changes associated with various forms of cancer. Here we present more than 153 million base pairs representing 99.4% of the euchromatic sequence of chromosome 7, the first(More)
  • Ladeana W Hillier, Tina A Graves, Robert S Fulton, Lucinda A Fulton, Kymberlie H Pepin, Patrick Minx +116 others
  • 2005
Human chromosome 2 is unique to the human lineage in being the product of a head-to-head fusion of two intermediate-sized ancestral chromosomes. Chromosome 4 has received attention primarily related to the search for the Huntington's disease gene, but also for genes associated with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, polycystic kidney disease and a form of muscular(More)
A recent finding (Thomas & Wise, 1999) suggested that the race of organizational representatives may be more important to minority applicants than to White applicants. Consequently , this study empirically examines the impact of race in recruitment advertising on applicant attraction. Participants (N = 194) were recruited in 3 field settings and were(More)
Fundamental to many complex financial derivatives is the valuation and optimal exercise of American-style options, one of the most important and intellectually challenging problems in option pricing theory. This work proposes a direct computational algorithm for valuing American-style options in the presence of economically significant constraints. The(More)
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