Donald W. Liddell

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Aphasia i Charles Sym NPags TheFet-of Methe~d2riaedo egcAi Diethylaindeon Mental Processes-and onth BlooA&Adreafine Level. D. W.Ld HladI ei-ahre. . Investigaton of-Amnei Defects by PirogeWsve Proptiting. -Moyra Willia-ms. ..14' The Paresthesiae Indued by .C,ld. John Marshall . . . . .1 Affectie Epilesy. L. van-der Horst .. . . . .-.25 7 Th'e Epilepti(More)
The diagnosis of presenile dementia is used in its widest sense. Clinically, it is impossible to distinguish between the various neuropathological subgroups that make up this group of dementias. The exact diagnosis is only ascertained at death, although biopsies may be diagnostically useful. There appears to be considerable doubt about the E.E.G. findings(More)
The occurrence of adrenaline and noradrenaline in human cerebrospinal fluid (C.S.F.) has not yet been demonstrated. In this note figures for the concentration of these amines in C.S.F. are presented. Since the analysis required a substantial volume of C.S.F., i.e., 15 to 20 ml., the estimations were carried out on specimens withdrawn during air(More)