Donald W. King

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Purpose – By tracking the information-seeking and reading patterns of science, technology, medical and social science faculty members from 1977 to the present, this paper seeks to examine how faculty members locate, obtain, read, and use scholarly articles and how this has changed with the widespread availability of electronic journals and journal(More)
Exposure of HeLa and L cells to chloramphenicol causes a progressive dose-dependent decrease in cytochrome oxidase and succinate-cytochrome c reductase activities, concomitant with an increase in the amount of cytochrome c. At 2-3 days, the specific activities of the enzymes have fallen to about one-half of control values; the mitochondria appear swollen.(More)
WHILETHERE HAVE BEEN LITERALLY HUNDREDS of articles and other publications dealing with electronic publishing, few go beyond expressions of opinion or speculation. Very few recent publications, even those having the term “economics” in their titles, provide any empirical evidence concerning these speculations. This article presents some economic issues,(More)
The autopsy was originally performed to understand anatomy. It still has relevance in correlating physiologic and pathologic processes with anatomic structures. In the first half of this century, it was an important tool in experimental investigations, the discovery of new diseases, and the identification and correlation of known clinical entities with(More)