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The Gender and Race Composition of Jobs and the Male/Female, White/Black Pay Gaps
Dans un premier temps l'A. passe en revue les explications de l'inegalite sexuelle et raciale des salaires en termes de capital humain, de barriere sociale et de « composition du statut » (sexe,Expand
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North Carolina Highway Traffic Study
The North Carolina Highway Traffic Study is a multi-method investigation of the phenomenon popularly referred to as driving while black, or more generically as racial profiling and racial targeting.Expand
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Gender & Racial Inequality at Work: The Sources and Consequences of Job Segregation
(1994). Gender & Racial Inequality at Work: The Sources and Consequences of Job Segregation. Economic Geography: Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 319-322.
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Racial Economic Subordination and White Gain in the U.S. South
Les AA. montrent que les inegalites economiques entre blancs et afro-americains tendent a croitre aux Etats-Unis. Ils soulignent toutefois que leur intensite varie en fonction des regions. IlsExpand
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Women's Work: Gender Equality vs. Hierarchy in the Life Sciences
In bureaucratic firms, and increasingly in the courts, the received wisdom is that if management is serious about promoting equal opportunity, it will institute and monitor formal evaluationExpand
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The gender gap and nuclear power: Attitudes in a politicized environment
Historically, women have been less likely than men to support nuclear energy. Following this literature, we hypothesize that this gender gap results from concerns over safety factors and/or lowerExpand
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Racial Threat, Intergroup Contact, and School Punishment
Objectives: Drawing on the racial threat and intergroup contact literatures, we explore whether (1) a school’s racial or ethnic context increases school suspensions for Black, Hispanic, and WhiteExpand
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