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  • Donald Snyder
  • 2007
The formalization of network centric warfare (NCW) signaled a new Department of Defense drive towards systems that could conceivably interact towards the accomplishment of a common goal. But the debate regarding NCW possibilities and practicalities in terms of existing and potential technologies highlight that much work is needed before the theortical NCW(More)
We present a case report of a 10-year-old male with nephrotic syndrome who presented with a complaint of shortness of breath. The patient had been recently hospitalized for an exacerbation of nephrotic syndrome and had received steroid and diuretic therapy. Initial vital signs showed tachycardia and mild tachypnea. After being observed for more than four(More)
The optimum phase-locked loop demodulator arises in a natural way from statistical detection theory when the received signal is an angle-modulated cosine function that is corrupted by additive independent white Gaussian noise. In particular, for a frequency-modulated signal the phase-locked loop can be revamped into a non-linear feedback system with the(More)
The goal of this panel discussion is to identify key technical issues for information fusion at both lower and higher levels, and promising agent-based development approaches. Currently there are high expectations in the industrial, military, and business fusion communities that agent technologies can provide insights into and solutions for some of the most(More)
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