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This paper shows that existing definitions of code-injection attacks (e.g., SQL-injection attacks) are flawed. The flaws make it possible for attackers to circumvent existing mechanisms, by supplying code-injecting inputs that are not recognized as such. The flaws also make it possible for benign inputs to be treated as attacks. After describing these flaws(More)
Thirty-seven Holstein and 26 Brown Swiss dairy cows were used to evaluate the effect of two different cooling systems on physiological and hormonal responses during the summer. A control group of cows had access only to shade (C). A second group was cooled with spray and fans (S/F) and the third group was under an evaporative cooling system called Korral(More)
This paper defines and analyzes injection attacks. The definition is based on the NIE property, which states that an application's untrusted inputs must only produce Noncode Insertions or Expansions in output programs (e.g., SQL queries). That is, when applications generate output programs based on untrusted inputs, the NIE property requires that inputs(More)
The following work has two chapters; the first is a short story entitled " Night's End, " and the second is a short essay entitled " The Dilemma of Evil in Donald Ray Pollock's " Dynamite Hole.' " " Night's End " is loosely based on a true story. To respect the parties involved, I will not mention their names. The events are fictional, and deal with(More)
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