Donald R. Williams

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Many self-employed workers return to the wage and salaried sector of the labor market after some time. It is possible that the self-employment spell will lead to lower earnings or earnings growth upon return, due to depreciation of firm or sector-specific human capital. Using longitudinal data from the NLS, this paper examines the effects of spells of(More)
To show the feasibility of wireless pocket teleradiology, brain computed tomography scan images of five neurosurgical emergency cases were received on a pocket computer via a wireless modem link. Viewing times from turning on the pocket computer to viewing the entire image ranged from 4 to 6 minutes. The quality of the images was satisfactory. Reliability(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies using primary health care settings to promote literacy have demonstrated success. Since socioeconomically disadvantaged children have less access to primary care, obtaining much of their medical care episodically in emergency departments (ED), the purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of a simple literacy promotion(More)
OBJECTIVE While oxytocin has been identified as having therapeutic properties for schizophrenia, the emerging evidence has been mixed which has resulted in meta-analytic reviews. We identified several errors in one such meta-analysis. Here, we highlight these errors, demonstrate the conclusions were incorrect, and state the importance of this report. (More)
One of the most significant challenges currently facing the system engineering profession is devising procedures for improving the system software requirements development process. While many practitioners promote a variety of automated tools and mechanistic templates as the means to improved productivity, experience suggests the highest leverage lies in(More)
While there is growing interest in the potential for intranasal oxytocin (IN-OT) to improve social cognition and neurocognition (ie, nonsocial cognition) in schizophrenia, the extant literature has been mixed. Here, we perform a Bayesian meta-analysis of the efficacy of IN-OT to improve areas of social and neurocognition in schizophrenia. A systematic(More)
Schizophrenia is a heterogeneous disorder in which psychiatric symptoms are classified into two general subgroups-positive and negative symptoms. Current antipsychotic drugs are effective for treating positive symptoms, whereas negative symptoms are less responsive. Since the neuropeptide oxytocin (OT) has been shown to mediate social behavior in animals(More)