Donald R. Riley

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Computer-aided design and manufacturing for dental restorations has opened a new world of possibilities--some that appeal to engineers and clinicians and some that have created some interesting challenges. The objective of this overview is to briefly describe a system being developed by the Universities of Maryland and Minnesota which is capable of(More)
A simple numerical technique for parametric evaluation of orthopaedic implant systems, to be used as a screening tool before complex structural analysis (e.g. Finite Element Method), is the subject of this paper. A modified Beams on Elastic Foundation model (with non-constant foundation modulus) is solved using this numerical technique based on B-spline(More)
We describe a method to store and retrieve design cases of four-bar linkages. The method abstracts relevant features from the planar curve that characterizes each linkage design, and records these features at several levels of abstraction. This allows to use a fast multi-level retrieval procedure, that successively eliminates inappropriate cases at each(More)
Some capabilities of modern engineering workstations and their impact on the mechanism synthesis process are discussed. Specific examples of ongoing work at the University of Minnesota utilizing the Apollo color raster workstation to provide user-friendly general-purpose user-interface tools are presented. The application of these tools to the LINCAGES-4(More)
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