Donald R. McNeal

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Studies were conducted on 25 cats to document the discharge rates of alpha motoneurons during stimulation of the sciatic nerve at frequencies from 100 to 10,000 pulses per second (pps). In addition, the feasibility of using high-frequency pulse trains to block the conduction of action potentials was investigated. Two cuff electrodes were placed around the(More)
The effects of balance retraining on standing balance and locomotor performance were examined in postacute hemiparetic adults. Balance during habitual and instructed-even standing, as well as locomotor performance, were measured before and after a three- to four-week treatment period. Two groups of 21 matched subjects participated in physical therapy. One(More)
Footdrop was corrected in thirteen of sixteen patients with centrally paralyzed ankle dorsiflexor muscles who were treated by electrical stimulation of the peroneal nerve by means of surgically implanted electrodes. Four patients required surgical revision before a good result was obtained. After follow-ups of more than three years there was no evidence of(More)
In this study, eight institutionalized males received a 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate spray twice daily. A second group of eight males received a placebo spray in the same manner. The results indicated that pump-administered chlorhexidine spray can effectively reduce plaque and gingivitis in patients with mental retardation who are unable to brush their own(More)
Lower limb prosthetic socket fabrication is a highly refined process relying on the prosthetist's skill and experience. Despite their best efforts, patients often return with complications. Additionally, clinical application of technological advances for the quantification of biomechanical factors at the socket interface has not changed in practice.(More)
The investigators measured efficiencies of body powered prehensors and cable control components of prostheses available for young children. Results indicated that the cable control systems and hook type prehensors have moderate to high efficiencies, but children's body powered hands have very low efficiencies. Measures of arm and shoulder strength of 3-5(More)
Electrical stimulation is a commonly used clinical tool, but subject and patient comfort is still a major problem retarding its widespread application. Stimulus waveform in combination with pulse duration can play a major part in subject comfort. An asymmetric balanced biphasic square waveform was perceived as comfortable and was clinically effective in(More)