Donald R. Laub

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Asthma is an increasingly common disorder responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality. Although obesity is a risk factor for asthma and weight loss can improve symptoms, many patients do not adhere to low calorie diets and the impact of dietary restriction on the disease process is unknown. A study was designed to determine if overweight asthma(More)
Restricting caloric intake to 60-70% of normal adult weight maintenance requirement prolongs lifespan 30-50% and confers near perfect health across a broad range of species. Every other day feeding produces similar effects in rodents, and profound beneficial physiologic changes have been demonstrated in the absence of weight loss in ob/ob mice. Since May(More)
We report 5 patients who have had severe inflammatory reactions following the injection of liquid silicone for augmentation of the facial contour. We offer an approach to the treatment of this complication which, although not resulting in complete resolution, has at least markedly ameliorated these patients' signs and symptoms.
There have been three previous case reports of fat embolism syndrome (FES) after lipectomy. We present a case of FES diagnosed by pulmonary angiography. It seems likely that there is an incidence of subclinical fat embolization after liposuction, but conservative patient selection and aggressive postoperative management can lessen the morbidity and(More)
Argon laser photocoagulation of capillary hemangiomas of infancy ("strawberry marks") has been described in three cases. Treatment in the first case was necessitated by repeated alarming hemorrhage. The second case was treated totally and resulted in immediate induced resolution of the hemangioma, which preceded (by 9 months) the spontaneous involution of(More)
Figure 1. Patient presenting at age 6 after several surgical attempts at closure. She has unstable skin graft over allogenic dermis graft. A 6-year-old girl had undergone multiple operations for an omphalocele but still retains a very large ventral hernia. She presented with an eventrated abdomen with unstable, scarred closure (see Fig. 1). A reconstruction(More)