Donald R. Laub

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Asthma is an increasingly common disorder responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality. Although obesity is a risk factor for asthma and weight loss can improve symptoms, many patients do not adhere to low calorie diets and the impact of dietary restriction on the disease process is unknown. A study was designed to determine if overweight asthma(More)
There have been three previous case reports of fat embolism syndrome (FES) after lipectomy. We present a case of FES diagnosed by pulmonary angiography. It seems likely that there is an incidence of subclinical fat embolization after liposuction, but conservative patient selection and aggressive postoperative management can lessen the morbidity and(More)
Custom-fabricated silicone implants were used in 17 patients to reconstruct thoracic deformities associated with pectus excavatum, hypoplasia of the thorax, and radical mastectomy. The implants have been in place an average of 2 1/2 years. Custom implants have been permanently removed in only two of these patients. These implants can provide accurate,(More)
Restricting caloric intake to 60-70% of normal adult weight maintenance requirement prolongs lifespan 30-50% and confers near perfect health across a broad range of species. Every other day feeding produces similar effects in rodents, and profound beneficial physiologic changes have been demonstrated in the absence of weight loss in ob/ob mice. Since May(More)
CAPS (Computer-Aided Plastic Surgery) is a prototype computer program that uses a three-dimensional graphic model of a human face and incorporates a finite-element mathematical model of the physical properties of the soft tissue. This program can estimate the biomechanic consequences of ablation and rearrangement of tissue. The results of two hypothetical(More)
Currently, no documentation correlates histological changes with clinical signs of depth of the trichloroacetic acid peel. Obagi identified clinical signs of depth of injury following topical trichloroacetic acid application, employing prepeel conditioning and a method for slowing trichloroacetic acid action. A three-part study of 20 patients was undertaken(More)