Donald P Todd

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Clinical trials for abatement of intractable pelvic cancer pain were conducted in two patients, each electing surgical implantation of one of two indwelling catheter systems for administration of morphine into the spinal epidural space. Both systems, one consisting of a partially indwelling Broviac catheter, and the other, completely indwelling, consisting(More)
Twenty-nine consecutively treated patients over a 5-year period with upper extremity reflex sympathetic dystrophy were admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital for prolonged continuous stellate ganglion blockade. Diagnosis was based on the presence of pain, decreased joint motion, trophic changes, and vasomotor disturbances. Selection for blockade was(More)
Prolonged continuous stellate ganglion blockade has been found useful in treatment of post-traumatic reflex sympathetic dystrophy under the following circumstances: 1) When conservative treatment with outpatient physical therapy, tranquilizers and mild analgesics has failed. 2) When conservative therapy plus intermittent stellate blocks (q.l to 4 weeks) has(More)