Donald P Schlueter

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Occupational respiratory diseases have been reported following exposure to metal working fluids. We report a spectrum of respiratory illnesses occurring in an outbreak in 30 workers of an automobile parts engine manufacturing plant. Workers presented with respiratory complaints and, after clinical and laboratory evaluations, were classified as those having(More)
Histological examination on lung tissue obtained from 10 symptomatic welders was performed by two certified pathologists without the knowledge of the patients' clinical condition. In all cases, there was some degree of interstitial fibrosis; in five the degree of fibrosis was considered to be moderate to pronounced. The tissue was also analysed by energy(More)
Pulmonary specimens obtained from ten normal subjects and 53 patients with various pulmonary diseases were studied with energy-dispersive x-ray analysis. The amount of silicon in the pulmonary tissue was determined and expressed as a silicon/sulfur (Si/S) ratio. This Si/S ratio was below 0.2 in the ten normal subjects and in 14 patients who had various(More)
We studied the effects of radiation therapy on lung function in 21 patients who underwent modified radical mastectomy and radiotherapy for breast carcinoma. The patients had pulmonary function studies and chest X rays prior to radiation therapy and at six weeks, and three, six, and twelve months following radiation therapy. All pulmonary function studies(More)
We examined the immunologic phenotype and function of bronchoalveolar lymphocytes isolated from 4 pigeon breeders who developed symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis on exposure to pigeons, and 6 asymptomatic but equally exposed individuals. Similar numbers of bronchoalveolar lymphocytes were found in symptomatic breeders compared with the asymptomatic,(More)
BACKGROUND Pigeon breeder's disease (PBD) is an avian-induced hypersensitivity pneumonitis. The limited data that exist on the long-term outcome for the disease are conflicting. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the long-term outcome of patients with PBD to evaluate the course of the disease. METHODS Review a case series of 18 pigeon breeders that were(More)