Donald O. Pederson

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The problem of transient simulation of lossy transmission lines is investigated in this paper. Two refinements are made to the existing convolution approach for the case of a single lossy line analytical formulae are derived for the line's impulse-responses, and an accurate numerical convolution technique that utilises these formulae are devised. It is(More)
Our original MSPLICE multiprocessor-based circuit simulator showed excellent efficiency with up to 10 processors. As shown in this paper, however, the efficiency of the program drops significantly when over 40 processors are used. A new generation of the MSPLICE program is described which shows high efficiency with up to 99 processors for three different(More)
Transient simulation of lossy lines with high frequency nonide-alities (such as skin effeet) is usually performed by convolution, which involves computation quadratic in the number of time-points in the simulation. In this paper, a linear time simulation technique is described in which each impulse response is decomposed into two terms, with widely(More)
A new technique, based on convolution, has been developed for the time domain simulation of unl~orm RC lines. In contrast to existing techniques which approximate the line's responses, this technique is exact, requiring no simplification of the line's internal mechanism. It is shown that though lhe impulse responses of uniform RC limm are ill-behaved and(More)
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