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was made to replicate the original. However, some of the footnote symbols in this electronic version do not match the footnote symbols in the original (both versions use a numbering system to symbolize the footnotes). This change only affects the way the footnotes are symbolized, but does not affect the correspondence of each particular footnote to the text(More)
The administration of 0.2 ml of hyperimmune anti-mouse cytomegalovirus (CMV) antiserum intraperitoneally (ip) or intravenously provided complete protection against lethal challenge (10(5.8) PFU ip) with murine CMV. Antiserum protection was complete when the antiserum was administered as long as 24 hr after viral challenge. The administration of antiserum(More)
The murine model provides a particularly apt experimental system in which to evaluate the effects of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. CMV exerts a profound "suppression" of the immune response in the mouse and in humans; the infected animal is no longer able to mediate an appropriate response to mitogens or alloantigens. Using fluorocytometry and(More)