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and seminar participants at the World Bank for helpful comments and suggestions on earlier versions of the paper; Tassos Haniotis for invaluable data on EC trade; and Jean Jacobson for her assistance with the manuscript. ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the economic impact of regional integration on agricultural trade. Using a simple Krugman-type model with(More)
Research-networking tools use data-mining and social networking to enable expertise discovery, matchmaking and collaboration, which are important facets of team science and translational research. Several commercial and academic platforms have been built, and many institutions have deployed these products to help their investigators find local(More)
This article begins with the assumption that Chiara Lubich received a charism—a spiritual gift—that is embodied in her spirituality of unity. Mitchell argues that the Trinitarian source of this gift was revealed in the mystical experience she refers to as “Paradise ’49,” a period of illumination in Chiara’s life that began in 1949 and extended to 1951. The(More)
The founding fathers of grounded theory (GT) claimed it is an inductive methodological approach. Yet, some scholars argue that purely inductive GTs are not possible given researchers' involvement in data collection and analysis. Subsequently, a constructivist GT approach was introduced. Still, full-length methodological articles that include rationales or(More)
Key Points: • We report initial observations of ring current ions • We show that He-ion decay rates are consistent with theory • We show that O-ions with energies greater than 500 keV decay very rapidly (2014), Initial measurements of O-ion and He-ion decay rates observed from the Van Allen Probes RBSPICE instrument, J. Geophys. This is an open access(More)
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