Donald Maillet

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K. McMahon, A. Pringle, M. Eastburn, D. Maillet Centre for Magnetic Resonance, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Introduction: Echo planar imaging (EPI) is a rapid sequence that has been applied with great success to diffusion, perfusion and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain. However, the oscillating gradients(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE MRI of the lung using hyperpolarized helium as an inhaled contrast agent has important research applications and clinical potential. Owing to the limited availability of hyperpolarized helium, this type of imaging has not been performed in the human lung outside of North America or Europe. The objective of this study was to test the(More)
Abstract A theoretical study of heat exchange during the cooling of a rotating cylinder by an impinging jet is carried out. The temperature field is bidimensional the longitudinal heat conduction being neglected and is obtained by solving the heat equation using Laplace and Fourier transforms. In order to assess the external heat flux condition, an inverse(More)
The emphasis on the reduction of gaseous radioactive effluent associated with PET radiochemistry laboratories has increased. Various radioactive gas capture strategies have been employed historically including expensive automated compression systems. We have implemented a new cost-effective strategy employing gas capture bags with electronic feedback that(More)
A technique for estimating the thermal dispersion coefficients in a granular medium (packed bed of monodisperse glass beads), originally developed for water as a flowing fluid, has been adapted for an air flow. Thermocouples in the downstream neighbourhood of a line heat source measure the temperature response to a step power input. The estimation of the(More)
High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging using dedicated high-field radiofrequency micro-coils at 16.4 T (700 MHz) was investigated. Specific solenoid coils primarily using silver and copper as conductors with enamel and polyurethane coatings were built to establish which coil configuration produces the best image. Image quality was quantified using(More)
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