Donald M. Shapiro

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Neoplasms, in general, have considerably lower metabolite and enzyme concentrations than do most normal tissues (1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15). Since competitive inhibition by an antimetabolite depends upon the concentration ratio of a metab olite and its antagonist, it is reasoned that an antagonist may interfere with some metabolic step to a greater degree(More)
The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test is frequently used in neuropsychological evaluation and research. However, its utility in the measurement of progressive change is limited by the availability of alternate and equivalent forms. Criteria were developed for word selection to generate new lists. Two alternate forms generated according to these criteria, as(More)
A quantitative EEG study in volunteer adults was undertaken to distinguish single oral administrations of 50 and 100 mg amobarbital, 10 mg dextroamphetamine, 40 mg fenfluramine and placebo. Four hour EEG recordings were monitored by frequent auditory reaction time tasks. The EEG changes were measured by digital computer period analysis. In the analysis,(More)