Donald M. Pianto

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We study participation and relative earnings in the formal, informal, and self-employed sectors in Bolivia. We estimate quantile earnings equations corrected for self-selectivity to address potential biases in the estimates of relative earnings gaps due to the endogeneity of sector participation. Selectivity is significant in all three sectors for all three(More)
Neuroprosthetic brain-computer interfaces are systems that decode neural activity into useful control signals for effectors, such as a cursor on a computer screen. It has long been recognized that both the user and decoding system can adapt to increase the accuracy of the end effector. Co-adaptation is the process whereby a user learns to control the system(More)
The Student-t regression model suffers from monotone likelihood. This means that the likelihood achieves its maximum value at infinite values of one or more of the parameters, in this case the unknown degrees of freedom. This leads to problems when one uses iterative algorithms to locate the solutions to the non-linear equations generated by the likelihood.(More)
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