Donald M. Hudson

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Energy expenditure during steady-state, wind tunnel flights was estimated from O2 and CO2 exchange in five white-necked ravens (Corvus cryptoleucus, mean mass, 0.48 kg) at air speeds of 8-11 m/s. Power input was closely similar to allometric predictions based on data from other species of smaller birds. It increased significantly with air speed and flight(More)
This paper presents the procedures and equations to be utilized for measurement of evaporative water loss (mw), by use of the dew-point hygrometer, in small animals exposed to air containing water vapor in an open-flow system. The system accounted accurately for the water evaporated from a bubble flask. In addition, hygrometric measurements of(More)
Brain and body temperatures were measured via small thermocouples implanted in the anterior hypothalami and colons, respectively, of five adult American kestrels (F. sparverius, mean mass 119 g) during descending flights in a wind tunnel at angles of 4 and 6 degrees below horizontal, at 10 m.s-1 air speed, and at 23 degrees C air temperature. For(More)
In rabbits anesthetized with 70% N2O-30% O2, the rate of efflux of acetylcholine (ACh) from the cerebral cortex doubled during hypercapnia (increase of end-tidal CO2 from 4 to 8%), and during mild nociceptive stimulation of the tail. Under 0.7% halothane anesthesia, the control rate of ACh efflux was lower than that under N2O; the rate rose 2-fold during(More)
Regional blood flow was measured in the gastroduodenal area by means of iodo[14C]antipyrine autoradiography. The tracer was given intravenously over a short period of time in awake rats followed by cardiac arrest and quick freezing of stomach and duodenum. Dry autoradiography of frozen sections provide a pictorial representation of radioactivity in the(More)
Introduction The mineralogy and textural associations of magmatic silicates, alteration minerals, base metal sulfides (BMS) and platinum group minerals (PGM) were determined for seven underground core samples (2000 DDH’s 68, 71, 85, and 148) from the East Boulder Mine. The samples were selected to characterize extensive alteration and variations in(More)
Tropical and subtropical lizards of the genus Anolis were exposed to Bacillus sphaericus Neide strain 1593-4, which has been proposed as a safe entomopathogen specific for mosquitoes. No deleterious effects were observed in lizards exposed to live bacteria through intraperitoneal injection or aerosol spray. Bacteria were lost quickly from lizard livers but(More)
Qs Sand Wind-blown sand blankets a number of areas in the western part of the quadrangle. These well-sorted, mediumto fine-grained quartzose sands are commonly deposited on the east to northeast sides of hills but may extend across some flat areas. The sands are uncemented and loose but most are well stabilized by vegetation, locally including trees. The(More)
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