Donald M. Davis

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what is the reaction of viewers when characters speak directly to the audience—breaking the invisible "fourth wall" of the theater—in films or television programs? Mel Brooks did this in "Blazing Saddles" and, more recently, Gary Shandling did in his television program with questions like: "Does my hair look OK?" This experiment using college students(More)
In 1981, Davis, Gitler, and Mahowald determined the geometric dimension of stable vector bundles of order 2e over RPn if n is even and sufficiently large and e ≥ 75. In this paper, we use the Bendersky-Davis computation of v−1 1 π∗(SO(m)) to show that the 1981 result extends to all e ≥ 5 (still provided that n is sufficiently large). If e ≤ 4, the result is(More)