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One hundred twenty-five consecutive pregnancies conceived in vitro resulted in 100 deliveries of 115 babies. There were 23 clinical abortions (18.4%) and two tubal pregnancies. During the same interval 30 preclinical pregnancies occurred, but these pregnancies did not progress. There were 26 multiple pregnancies (37.1%) before the twelfth week; these(More)
Retrospective analysis was made of office and hospital records of patients with sickle cell hemoglobinopathies. Blood products were transfused only when indicated for symptomatic anemia, severe anemia with a hematocrit less than 18%, sickle crisis, cardiovascular instability, and preoperatively. The Fisher exact test and the Student t test were used for(More)
Twenty-two cases of cystic hygromas were diagnosed prenatally at Eastern Virginia Medical School and followed through the neonatal period. Our series was combined with 131 cases which have been described in the literature. Karyotypes were obtained in 110 fetuses and 80 (72.7 per cent) were abnormal. Fifty-one were not terminated: 30 with abnormal and 21(More)
Smooth pursuit and other eye movements were quantitatively studied in patients with chronic schizophrenia to characterize the pattern and severity of eye movement abnormalities in this disorder. Twenty-one patients with schizophrenia, 13 patients with other psychiatric disorders (manic-depressive psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, depression and(More)
Consequences of nonintervention in the management of prematurely ruptured membranes prior to term were assessed in 143 maternal charts and 145 corresponding infant records during a 2-year period. Patients were hospitalized at bed rest and were not given tocolytics or steroids. Antibiotics were used only when clinical examination indicated infection. Labor(More)
When the fetal vertex is extended on the spinal column and the brow becomes the presenting part, it is termed "brow presentation." Persistent brow presentation occurs when there is no spontaneous conversion after the onset of active labor. Since there is a risk in the vaginal delivery of such fetuses, it should not be attempted where there is known maternal(More)
Only months after the first report of a brief prodromal illness followed by rapidly progressive noncardiogenic pulmonary edema and death, the causative agent was tentatively identified as a previously unknown hantavirus. Although hantaviral infections are well known in Asia, none had ever been reported in the United States. A collaborative effort between(More)
A prospective randomized study was performed to determine whether or not oral ritodrine therapy significantly prolonged the latent period in patients with prematurely ruptured membranes. Compared with a control group of similar patients, those treated had a significantly prolonged mean latent period. In addition, 47.6% of the treatment group versus 14.2% of(More)