Donald LeRoy Silhacek

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We describe a provitellogenic stage, a previously unrecognized stage of follicle development in moths, and show that oocytes begin yolk sphere formation prior to the development of patency by the follicular epithelium. The vitellogenic activities of follicles from pharate adult femalePlodia interpunctella (Hübner) were determined by visualizing the subunits(More)
Recent studies on developmentally regulated hemolymph proteins in insects have shown that two proteins, a lipoprotein and a member of a hexamerin gene family, bind riboflavin. The biosynthesis, developmental regulation, and properties of these proteins are described and compared with the riboflavin-binding proteins and flavin distributions in vertebrates.(More)
The 85K storage protein that accumulates in the hemolymph of Galleria mellonella during the final larval instar was isolated and purified from newly molted pupae. The separation of fresh hemolymph proteins from larvae or pupae by different chromatographic and electrophoretic procedures indicated the native protein had a M(r) of 170,000 and consisted of two(More)
Proteins present at high concentrations in hemolymph of the larval weevil Diaprepes abbreviatus were previously shown to bind a synthetic coumarin, 7-amino-3-phenyl coumarin (coumarin-10). One of the two native proteins previously identified (protein I) is now shown to separate into two distinct bands (proteins Ia and Ib) using native gradient pore-limiting(More)
Männchen vonMusca domestica werden von Kohlenwasserstoffextrakten aus der Cuticula weiblicherMusca domestica, M. autumnalis undHaematobia irritan angelockt (gleiche oder ähnliche Pheromone), nicht aber von entsprechenden Extrakten ausStomoxys calitrans, Glossina morsitans, G. austeni, Fannia canicularis undCochliomyia hominivorax.